No need to shell out big bucks replacing your furniture or hiring a professional interior designer. Adding key accent pieces and decorative items is an inexpensive way to freshen up any room and showcase your unique personality. Just like a stylish bag or statement piece of jewelry to complete an outfit, it only takes a few simple touches to tie a room together.

Itching to upgrade your space but not sure where to start? We’re excited to share some of our go-to items to help make over your home like a pro (and to make your secret Pinterest dreams come true!).



Small and Impactful: Bowls, Planters & Vases

Coffee tables and shelves are the perfect places to add interest with decorative accessories like bowls, vases and planters. Make the most of them, but don’t go too crazy! Life’s all about balance. Displaying too many items on a tabletop can quickly create clutter. Choose your decorative touches carefully and remember, a little goes a long way. Always go for quality over quantity, picking one or two statement pieces that truly speak to you.

A gorgeous, hand-painted vase to hold fresh flowers (like the ones from our Dame collection, for example) can add a simple yet statement pop of colour to any room. A multi-functional vase can be turned into an elegant centrepiece—dressed up, dressed down or moved around the house depending on your mood … maybe to add a little intrigue to a bare bookcase or to jazz up a windowsill?

If you’re a fan of low-maintenance plants (like a cactus or hey, even a fake plant!), especially in areas where there isn’t a ton of light, a minimalist planter is a great way to make a statement.

Reflect your Taste: Colourful Walls, Playful Wallpaper & Fun Mirrors

Nothing says makeover like a fresh coat of paint. And when it comes to your colour choices, the bolder the better! A hot pink or deep turquoise wall serves as the perfect modern backdrop to showcase mid-century furniture. Gatsby, eat your heart out!

Can’t commit to all four walls? How about painting just one? Better yet, get creative and opt for playful wallpaper. We’re not talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper—these days you can find beautiful, modern designs with easy application to update your decor.

Are your walls in need of a little pizazz but your rental apartment won’t allow for a creative paint job? When it comes to dressing up walls, we’re big fans of mirrors.From simple to intricate, you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Mirrors add both glamour and dimension to any room, and are great for opening up smaller spaces. Brighten up a dining area by hanging a mirror instead of a painting, or add a full-length mirror near your dresser for a stylish yet functional bedroom accent.


Pillows, throws and textiles—oh my!

Fabrics are a great way to play with both colour and texture. Pillows, carpets or even a new set of curtains are an easy way to add that missing oomph to any room. Try draping a cozy throw over that good old sofa, or add a few decorative pillows to liven up your bedspread. Add a fun twist to trickier spaces like a home office or bathroom—an eye-catching patterned rug always does the trick!

Little touches go a long way. If you love bright colours but you’re afraid a big splash would be too much for everyday living, try a cheerful sofa cushion or tasteful, locally-designed ceramics to bring that wow factor. If you have a more minimalist aesthetic, use your space as a blank canvas to showcase some beautiful pottery—like our Century planter that combines wood and stone-like elements and is available in multiple colours—for an elegant ode to nature.

Don’t underestimate the power of home accessories—they’re what tell the story and add character to your home. As the acclaimed American architect and designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”


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